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This is Aditi Magdalena’s web page. I am learning how to build it. Please check back to see more content soon. You can contact me directly at


About me

Aditi Magdalena is an Ottawa based vocalist, voice coach, spirit musician, and vibrational healer.

Xe began playing the violin at age 3, studied (legit) voice with Jan Simons and Albert Greer, and holds a BFA music from York University. Xe also earned a PhD in Religious Studies (U of Southern California), and held a graduate professorship in Public Policy and Ethics (University of Texas 1996-2004, as Aditi Gowri). Xer other  professional activities have included math instructor, legit violinist, social marketing consultant, and more pub gigs than we need to discuss. On stage and in ensembles, Aditi endeavours to communicate that all singing is spiritual, is sacred, is a healing activity. When not immersed in the vibrational realm, xe enjoys … well, actually there is no “OFF” switch.

What are “xe” and “xer” ?

XE /XER/XERS are non-gendered pronouns that may be used in lieu of she/her/hers or he/him/his.